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Plate & Heat Exchanger Refurbishment

Heat exchangers are a critical component of maintaining and operating any commercial facility. At Coil Replacement Company, we offer direct replacements for a variety of OEM heat exchangers. 

Should you require a higher performing, energy efficient heat exchanger, CRC is capable of providing a customized solution. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, competitive pricing, and lead times that meet your exacting requirements.


Additional Heat Exchanger Products

  • Regenerative – involves the temporary storage of heat from a hot fluid being transferred to a thermal packing inside the exchanger possessing the necessary thermal capacity. A cold fluid is then introduced in reverse flow which displaces the hot fluid and absorbs the heat from the thermal packing, resulting in the heat being regenerated.

  • Adiabatic Wheel – uses an intermediate fluid to hold heat, which is then moved to the other side of the heat exchanger to be released. CRC adiabatic wheel heat exchangers consist of a large wheel with fine threads rotating through the hot and cold fluids.

  • Energy Recovery Coils – most often positioned within the supply and exhaust air streams of an air handling system, or in the exhaust gases of an industrial process, to recover heat energy. This heat energy can then be used in other operations or processes such as pre-heating, rinsing, and environmental control.

  • Desaturation Coils – combines the aspects of a cooling coil and a reheat coil to cool, dehumidify and reheat the air. These coils include an additional coil row in the leaving air side of the coil, called an “intergral re-heat loop.”  The return water passes through the last row providing a few degrees of reheat.

CRC assigns a dedicated engineer to review, visit, measure, or consult (virtually) by analyzing your exact user requirements. CRC then generates drawings, performance evaluations, and quotations – while taking responsibility for your product solution. We deliver unparalleled service, allowing the mechanical contractor and end-customer to focus on their core assets and property management responsibilities.

Why not give CRC a call now … and let’s work together to find the customized solution that is right for you!

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