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Fire Dampers

Coil Replacement Company fire dampers resist the transmission of flame through ducts and air transfer openings. Utilizing a spring loaded fusible link activated by heat (passive) or electric actuator tied to the building’s fire detection system (active), fire dampers close to interrupt migratory airflow, maintaining the integrity of the fire barrier and keeping damage to a minimum.

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Fire Resistance Rating
Fire dampers are rated for 1.5 or 3 hours fire resistance, selected to compliment the fire rating of your wall or floor.

Closure Rating
Fire dampers are rated for either static or dynamic HVAC systems. Static dampers can only be used in systems that are designed to shut off airflow in the event of a fire, while dynamic dampers are able to close under airflow.

Fire dampers can be installed in horizontal (floor) or vertical (wall) orientations, and are compatible with round or square ductwork. Spring mechanisms are unique to each damper, taking in to account the size, rating and mounting orientation.

Damper Types
The two types of fire dampers are curtain type and multiple blade type. Curtain type dampers are the most commonly used, as they are more cost effective and less restrictive to airflow. However, multiple blade type dampers are available in larger sizes and are generally easier to test and reopen. Additionally, dynamic multiple blade type fire dampers are airflow closure rated for higher velocities and pressures than curtain type dampers.

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CRC assigns a dedicated engineer to review, visit, measure, or (virtually) consult by analyzing your exact use requirements. CRC then generates drawings, performance evaluations, and quotations – while taking responsibility for your product solution. We deliver unparalleled service, allowing the mechanical contractor and end-customer to focus on their core assets and property management responsibilities.

Why not give CRC a call now and let’s work together to find the customized fire damper solution that is right for you!

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