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Two Piece Sectional Coils

A MODU-Coil (modular coil) is essentially a fluid coil that is built in two sections, allowing each piece of the coil to be transported through elevators and other tight spaces. By eliminating the need to demolish walls or utilize a crane for installation, the MODU-Coil creates huge project savings and reduces down time.

Coil Requirement Questionnaire


Each modular section is constructed with a tube plate on one end where the open tubes terminate. Using pilot pins, preinstalled bolts, and a sealing gasket, the two sections are aligned and fastened together to complete the coil assembly.

The split in the coil does reduce the fin length by 1.5” to 2.5”, however, our engineering software confirms that there is no detrimental impact to the overall performance of the coil when used as a split replacement coil.

Coil Replacement Company assigns a dedicated engineer to review, visit, measure, or consult (virtually) by analyzing your exact requirements. CRC then generates drawings, performance evaluations, and quotations – while taking responsibility for your coil and/or product solution. We deliver unparalleled service, allowing the mechanical contractor and end-customer to focus on their core assets and property management responsibilities.

Long-Lasting Performance That Increases Coil Lifespan

To ensure long-lasting performance while increasing the lifespan of your modular split replacement coils, CRC offers many different coating options that provide an additional level of protection against corrosive environments including, but not limited to, automotive paint houses, chlorinated pool facilities, coastal sea areas, industrial manufacturing plants, locations with high sun exposure, medical/pharmaceutical environments, and restaurant kitchens. Contact us for assistance in selecting, including ElectroFin® E-coat, Endura® Coatings (750+ Technologies), Infinigard, phenolic, and UV Topcoat.

Why not give CRC a call now … and let’s work together to find the customized solution that is right for you!

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