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Nationwide HVAC Coil Supplier

Since 1979, Steck-Schulte Supply, Inc. (d/b/a) Coil Replacement Company (CRC) has been a trusted leader in supplying coils, heat exchangers, products, and systems for the commercial and industrial HVAC industries for North America. Whether you require custom coils or direct fit OEM replacements, CRC is the preeminent source for your heating and cooling needs, committed to providing the highest performing & quality products, on time, with competitive pricing.

Over the years, CRC and Hack Environmental Products routinely shared drawings, leads, product/project solutions, and customer knowledge with immeasurable benefits. With the mutual desire to transform their many years of success with a partner/company that embodied their moral beliefs of customer/supplier & people WIN together, CRC and Hack Environmental officially merged in January of 2024.

Hack Environmental Products, Inc. was founded by Fred Hack in 1972. Fred (1925-1996) joined the John J. Nesbitt (HVAC) Company after being honorably discharged from the United States Marines in 1946, serving in the Asia-Pacific Theatre during World War II, under the command of Admiral Nimitz and General MacArthur. Fred recognized from his twenty-seven years of HVAC Sales/Engineering & Marketing experiences that there was a void in the Industry for Custom Replacement Heat Transfer Products, specifically Heating & Cooling Coils and Heat Exchanger Tube Bundles. Having raised ten children, it was time for Fred to take control of his destiny – launching his own Sales & Engineering/Rep Firm. Hack Environmental was founded as an “after-market” OEM/HVAC Replacement Products Company, designed to serve the Mechanical Service Contractors and the HVAC & Engineering Market, by furnishing Custom Heat Transfer Replacement Equipment. Prior to Hack Environmental entering the Metro New York Area, the State of NY/CT, and the general Northeast of the United States, Mechanical Contractors had no choice but to do business with the OEM Manufacturer for Replacement Coils & Tube Bundles. The aforementioned product supply solutions were expensive, had long lead times, and only allowed for standard replacement products; certainly nothing custom.

Fred located manufacturers that were willing to develop and continually improve performance software, generate custom replacement drawings, and fabricate coils and tube bundles, which allowed him to supply his HVAC clientele with custom-engineered product solutions possessing greater performance, faster delivery, and reduced pricing. Ken Hack joined Hack Environmental in 1980 to help Fred with his burgeoning business, and in 1987 at the Chicago ASHRAE Exhibition, Hack Environmental met with (Modine) HEATCRAFT® agreeing to exclusively represent the largest worldwide manufacturer of Heat Transfer Coils. In working with (Modine) HEATCRAFT®, Hack Environmental has supplied over $100M+ USD of Heat Transfer Coils/Products into the Metro-New York/Tri-State Area of the Northeast. Hack Environmental has built a vast KBE (Knowledge Based Engineering) repository of drawings, engineering software, and product/project knowledge, successfully delivering 50,000 coil/units. (Modine) HEATCRAFT® and Hack Environmental have prioritized best business practices, preeminent customer satisfaction, and valued supply experiences.

Hack Environmental and CRC are now looking to the future by increasing their personnel/support, leveraging their customer relationships, launching new digital/AI processes, and merging of KBE (know-how) of products and projects, with a combined 25,000 drawings and over a half-century (51+ years) of HVAC experience. Hack Environmental & CRC (Northeast) are best prepared to serve their large and expanding geographic area, for many more years to come.

At CRC, we pride ourselves on rapid customer responsiveness. Our Sales Engineers work collaboratively with customers and contractors to understand your specifications and project goals, working tirelessly to meet or exceed expectations. We believe this philosophy is key to building long-lasting customer relationships, and day-to-day satisfaction.

On-site measuring and/or (virtual) consultations are available 24/7. Our standard lead times are among the shortest in the industry, and quick build options are available for many of our products.

When designing replacement coils for custom air handling units, we use the most advanced, technologically efficient engineering software available to ensure maximum performance for each unique application. Drawings and precise performance data are provided to ensure perfect fit and function. For OEM replacement coils we maintain an evergreen catalog of drawings (100+ years), with specifications to guarantee an exact replacement with regard to both fit and performance.

In addition to coils, CRC is a supplier of myriad complimentary HVAC products including, but not limited to: air handlers, brazed plate heat exchangers, cased coils, dampers, dry coolers, fans, louvers, plate and frame heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, terminal air units, and unit heaters.

Give CRC a call now at 800.551.0084, and let’s work together to find the customized solution that is right for you!

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