Unit Heaters

Hydronic or gas, floor or ceiling, unit heaters provide heat to open spaces for industrial, commercial and institutional applications.

Classroom Unit Ventilators – Floor or Ceiling

Our classroom unit ventilators are designed to provide reliable, long-lasting performance, high-efficiency operation at reduced costs, a variety of control options, and a wide selection of coils for cooling and heating.

Hydronic Unit Heaters

Cabinet Unit Heater

Our Cabinet Unit Heater is the industry's most recent design. Years of manufacturing and engineering experience combined with a concern for appearance have resulted in a crisply styled unit that will blend with almost any room decor and provide reliability, durability, individual control and quiet operation. The wide selection of floor, wall and ceiling units with a variety of air flow arrangements allows for exactly matching design requirements. Field repainting to match the decor is possible and factory applied decorator colors are available as an option. Recessed models are provided with a field installed wall seal that allows for full or partial recessing depending on the model. The wall seal is also available as an optional kit for full or partial recessing of most other models.

Convector Unit Heaters

Convectors are engineered for both forced hot water and two-pipe steam heating system installation with heating elements of lightweight non-ferrous construction. They are available several basic types to meet a wide range of heating applications in institutional buildings, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools, apartments and other structures. A variety of cabinet enclosure styles permits the selection of an attractive and functional installation to blend with any building interior -modem or traditional.

Horizontal and Vertical Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters

Offered in both horizontal and vertical air delivery models, these unit heaters are a complete heat distributing plant, encased in an attractive, streamlined baked enamel housing. Designed for ceiling mounting, they provide a convenient, low cost method of heating warehouses, stores, factories, and other large open areas.

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Gas Fired Unit Heaters

Propeller Units

Propeller type unit heaters are typically utilized to heat large open areas. Units are designed to be installed a minimum of 8 feet high and are available with optional downturn nozzles to assist in directing the air to the floor. Propeller unit heaters should never be used with any type of discharge duct work.

Blower Units

Blower units are typically installed where discharge duct work is utilized or operating noise is an issue. Similar to the propeller type units except a centrifugal blower is used to overcome the static pressure of the duct work.

Duct Furnaces

Duct Furnaces are utilized in applications where the airflow is provided by a separate air handler. Typically utilized in "built up" type system. A stainless steel heat exchanger is recommended for systems utilizing a cooling coil.