Pumps are one of the main components typically used for the circulation of water for heat transfer in a large variety of applications. Some of the pumps and water circulation products we can offer are listed below.

Condensate Pumps – Simplex or Duplex Units

Condensate pumps are used in low pressure steam heating systems o collect and quickly return condensate to the boiler or boiler feed unit. Pumping action is controlled by an integral float switch on the simplex (one pump) units or mechanical alternator on duplex (two pump) units.

Simplex Units

Simplex units are equipped with a vapor tight, heavy duty float switch control with a stainless steel float. They are easily adjusted in the field to provide proper pump control and operation. Receivers are available in cast iron or welded steel construction.

Duplex Units

Duplex units offer additional advantages over simplex units. They are used where an unusually heavy amount of condensate must be returned or where it is desirable to have a stand-by pump available. Additional benefits include: system overload protection, extra-long service life, backup system production. Receivers are available in cast iron or welded steel construction.

Boiler Feed Pumps

Boiler feed units are used to pump condensate and makeup water directly into the boiler(s). Pumping action is determined by a boiler mounted control which senses boiler water level requirements. Boiler feed units are equipped with a heavy duty makeup valve activated by the position of its seamless float within the receiver. The mechanism is readily adjustable for various water levels. It is mounted on the end of the receiver and can be easily removed as a complete unit. Boiler feed units are available in simplex or duplex units with cylindrical welded steel horizontal or vertical receivers.

In-Line Pumps

In-line pumps feature a replaceable, permanently-lubricated bearing cartridge. A single bearing cartridge can be used to service the entire line, making servicing a snap.

Vertical Pumps

Split-Coupled Design

Vertical split coupled inline pumps are designed for optimum performance and ease of installation and maintenance. For quick and easy repair, the split coupler design permits changing the seal without disturbing the motor or piping. The recirculating line flushes seal faces and extends seal life, resulting in less pump downtime due to seal leaks.

Close-Coupled Design

Vertical inline pumps require no isolation pads so their simplified in-the-line design saves money and time. The pumps pull out from the back so there is no need to disconnect the pump from the piping system to work on it. The closed coupled design allows for improved alignment and increased seal life.

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