The MODU-Coil (modular coil) offers a replacement solution for cases where the coil is bigger than the available space to maneuver the coil into its operation location.

The MODU-Coil is a fluid coil built in two modules or sections allowing each module to fit in elevators and tight spaces making the transportation and installation of the coil easier. The greatest benefit from the modular coil is that it eliminates the need to demolish walls that otherwise will be needed, resulting in huge savings on expensive demolition/remodel and crane services while reducing down time.


Each of the two modular sections is constructed with one tube plate where each section’s open tubes terminate. At the site, the two sections and one gasket are aligned together using as pilot pins the factory preinstalled bolts in the one section and then fastened together to complete the coil assembly.

The modular coil is selected with the same number of rows, fins per inch, tubes high and circuiting as a standard fluid coil. The difference will be on the finned length. Because of the split, the finned length will be effectively reduced by two times the tube plate thickness (minimum 0.75 inches)), too small a length reduction to have any significant impact on the overall coil performance.

The modular coil is available with 5/8 od copper tubing and 0.035 minimum tube wall thickness. Headers and return bends are the same construction as a normal fluid coil. Tube plates are manufactured with carbon steel. The circuitry will be selected the same way as in a standard fluid coil with either same end or opposite end connections. Dimensions of the coil will follow standard coil design.

Operating Pressures

In general, the maximum operating pressure for a MODU-Coil is 100 psig with a maximum fluid temperature of 200°F.

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