Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are a vital piece of equipment for a huge variety of facilities and industries. At Coil Replacement Company, our expert representatives can help you get the exact replacement for the specific type of heat exchanger you have. We specialize in all types of heat exchangers and can get you the replacement part you need quicker than buying direct from the manufacturer.

Plate and Frame

Our plate and frame heat exchangers can be used for new plant construction, for expansion of esiting production lines, and for replacement of existing units.

Brazed Plate

Our brazed plate heat exchangers show sophisticated technology and put a great importance on flexible sizing. They are ideally suited for applications of any size - pressure resistant up to 30 bar at ± 200°C. This brings quality, economic efficiency and excellent thermal performance to your operations.


Now you can achieve your goals with less heat transfer surface area and therefore save on investment costs. Together with the flexible and universal plate range these heat exchangers can now be configured even more exactly and flexibly to your objectives and field of application.

Welded Plate

Our welded plate heat exchanger delivers low investment costs because the compact design only needs a relatively small amount of material expenditure, and this advantage pays off most noticeably with cost-intensive special alloys.

Shell & Tube

We can design, size, fabricate, & repair Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. Our heat exchangers serve industries such as Aerospace, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Pulp, Power, Petrochemical Industries, and many more. We use materials ranging from standard to specialty alloys. Rush/Emergency Shipments are available in as little as 24 hours. Contact us for more information or request a quote online today.

Additional Heat Exchanger Products:

  • Regenerative
  • Adiabatic Wheel
  • Energy Recovery Coils
  • Desaturation coils

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