Freeze Block Coil

Cooney Freeze Block Technology

The only coil designed to block freeze and thaw damage!

Freeze damage is one of the leading causes of coil failure in the HVAC industry. Although freeze stats, expensive controls, preheat coils, and glycol are commonly used, human error or equipment failures frequently take place. Better technology was not available as a final line of defense... UNTIL NOW!

As water begins to freeze and changes state from a liquid to a solid, it expands. When that change of state occurs, the pressure begins to climb rapidly within the tubes. Without adequate room for expansion, this pressure builds to a level that the tubes can no longer bear which results in bulging and splitting of the tubing or return bends. In this event you can expect costly downtime, expensive equipment repair or replacement along with the potential for severe water damage!

The Cooney Freeze Block Coil is designed to allow expansion to occur without restriction by discharging a small volume of water to drain, therefore giving the ice room enough to form within the tubes of HVAC coils without causing damage.

Reliability and security are the backbone of HVAC system planning. Helping our customers minimize risk of potential coil failures and related system damage is our goal.

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