Dampers and Louvers

Our dampers and louvers are pre-fabricated and ready to install. They are available in any dimensions and available in most heavy-gauged metals.

Volume Control Dampers

Volume control dampers are used to regulate airflow in a duct system. They are available in a range of round, flat oval and rectangular sizes. Dampers can be furnished with optional manual, electric or pneumatic actuators. Volume control dampers are available in galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel materials and in opposed blade or parallel blade designs.

Fire Dampers

Fire Dampers are used to prevent transmission of flame where air ducts penetrate fire barriers. Fire dampers are available in either static or dynamic types, and are available in both round and square configurations.


Weather-resistant and storm resistant formed metal louvers are available in numerous metals, gauges and depths. Standard fabrication is in galvanized steel with all-welded assembly.

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